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Government Job Sector and Preparation

Government Job Sector and Preparation

A career is important to everyone's life. It's very important how you choosing your career and which job you are choosing. A big majority of people following the well-established pattern, so they became safe and happy. But the sad part is they even don't like what they are doing. So you should decide depending on what you love to do.


There are two job sectors in Bangladesh-

  • Government jobs
  • Private jobs

There are many sections of Government jobs. You can choose a section and well prepare for it. Different type of government jobs are - 

  • BCS Cadre Job
    1. General Cadre 
    2. Professional Cadre (ex. gov. college teacher)
  • BCS Non-Cadre Job
  • Govt. Bank Job
  • State Own Industrial Job
  • State Own Company Job
  • Autonomous Organization Job
  • Local Government organization Job
  • Corporation Job
  • Polly Bidhyut Samity Job
  • and more.


Now let's discuss on examination. Generally, job recruitment examination is taken by PSC and Non-PSC. 

Exam by PSC's are -

  • BCS Cadre
  • BCS Non-Cadre
  • Govt. Other Recruitment

Exam By Non-PSC's are -

  • Autonomous Organization
  • State Own Company
  • Board
  • Corporation
  • Commission and etc


Now the important question is which book you read to prepare yourself. There are many kinds of books you found in the market. My suggestion is to buy a newly published book. Here are some booklist - 

  • Professors Current Affairs BCS Special edition last publication
  • Professors BCS Written Preparation English and Bangla
  • Departmental Subject Sheets
  • SSC Level Bangla  1st and 2nd Paper


In the exam hall, you'll get MCQ type question, Description type question, Mix of MCQ, and description type question. For interview/viva voce you may be asked to answer about your district, your name, your targeted organization, and post responsibility, your experience.

Please comment below to share your opinion/experience.

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