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A service provided by Jadukori.com, Bevy Software & Technology (subject to the following written conditions). Please be aware of the terms and conditions before using this website.

General Terms

Advertisers and users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws when uploading content, text, images, graphics and videos ("Content") to advertise on Jadukori.com. Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology are not responsible if all such content is illegal and contains false information.

Advertisers and users guarantee that the content of the advertisement does not infringe any copyright, intellectual property rights, and any other rights of any person or entity. Advertisers and users further agree that Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology are completely free from all obligations, liabilities, and claims arising out of receiving this Service.

Advertisers agree that the content they provide may be presented on Jadukori.com's partner sites in accordance with the terms of Jadukori.com.


Advertisers and users of Jadukori are used, copied, modified, adapted, published, translated, created, and incorporated into and distributed in any way that is currently known or may be discovered in the future. jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology are granted permanent, duty-free, unchangeable, non-exclusive rights and licenses.

Content of Jadukori.com (its content, and any other content, software, or services) is the property of third parties to Bevy Software & Technology, its subsidiaries, affiliates and/or licensees. Bevy Software & Technology owns any copyright rights to the Website, such as copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and other separating brands. Please note that no content on this site may be duplicated, reused, republished, installed, posted, transferred, stored, or exchanged without the written permission of Bevy Software & Technology.


All images on Jadukori.com are watermarked, prohibiting the use of images for any other purpose without the permission of the advertiser.

Security and pictures

Jadukori.com reserves the right to change the title of the content for editorial purposes. Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology reserve the right not to publish such images or images that are irrelevant or in violation of Jadukori.com's rules.


Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology reserve the right to cooperate with the appropriate authorities if any content violates customary law. For example, an ISP may identify an advertiser, user, or buyer. Also, IP addresses may be registered to ensure compliance with the terms.


Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology will collect information from users and advertisers. It is a condition of use of Jadukori.com that every user and advertiser authorizes and approves Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology. Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology can use for the purpose of managing, assisting, and managing Jadukori.com with the affiliate company and any other person, and for the development of Jadukori.com, such as research, marketing, product development, and planning.


This site uses "cookies". This means that cookies must be enabled on your computer for all features of this site to work properly. A cookie is a small data file that is active on your hard drive when you use a web site. Cookie files store certain information, such as a random number user ID that is set by the website for a visitor to access information on that page. A cookie cannot read information outside of your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies cannot be used manually to identify a user.

User email address

Users must submit a valid email address to post ads. The user's email address will not be displayed publicly and other users will be able to send email to that user via Jadukori.com.

Site availability

Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology do not guarantee of website's continuous or secure access. The website is provided "as is" and as and when available.

Links to third party websites

Jadukori.com may contain links or references to other websites (‘third party websites’). Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology will not be liable for any content on third party websites. Third party websites are not investigated or monitored. From the moment the user leaves Jadukori.com and enters the third party site, the user stays there at his own risk.


For use of Jadukori.com and for any loss, claim and liability arising out of the following reasons or for any other reason, Jadukori.com never bears any liability and remains free of liability - (A) access any third-party website or it's content directly or indirectly through the link provided on Jadukori.com; (B) the unavailability of Jadukori.com; (C) you use Jadukori.com and its content, or (D) use any equipment or software associated with Jadukori.com.


Advertisers and users agree to indemnify Jadukori.com and Bevy Software & Technology and its officers, managers, employees, and agents for any damages arising out of any breach of these Terms (including negligence or misconduct).


Jadukori.com reserves the right to change these terms. This change may take effect after it is published on Jadukori.com. You are responsible for reviewing such changes. As a result of your continued access to or use of Jadukori.com, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.

The governing / controlling law

Jadukori.com is governed by Swedish law. Advertisers and users agree that the District Court of Gothenburg will have jurisdiction with the Swedish court as the court of first request over any dispute or claim relating to the use of Jadukori.com.

updated: 7-13-2018