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kubernetes cert-manager - how to use wildcard ssl as a certificate issuer

kubernetes cert-manager - how to use  wildcard ssl as a certificate issuer

I have a wildcard certificate bought from namecheap. So now I am going to use the certificate for all of my sub-domain. For this I need a cluster certificate issuer. We are going to use cert manager. So lets start -

Step 1: Create a secret in the cert-manager namespace name with ca-secrets.yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: ca-key-pair
  namespace: cert-manager
  tls.crt:  base64 of fullchain-ca.bundle you need full chain, this may help - cat nise_gov_bd.crt > chain.pem
  tls.key:  base64 cert.key

unknown authority problem solution:  cat  server.crt server.key >> ssl-bundle.crt
here server.crt is the crt file only the bundle file

        server.key is the sertificate key

Some more information - 
fullchain.pem = cert.pem + chain.pem

Typically use chain.pem (or the first certificate in it) when you're asked for a CA bundle or CA certificate. Example - for lets-encrypt we need to use chain.pem for ca certificate.
Then the cert file look like - cat chain.pen cert.pem > fullchain-ca.bundle

You can generate tls.cert and tls.key by following command - 

 cat fullchain-ca.bundle | base64 -w0
 cat cert.key | base64 -w0

Now apply the secrets by following command - 

kubectl apply -f ca-secrets.yaml


Step 2: now create a certificate issuer name with ca-issuer.yaml 

kind: ClusterIssuer
 name: k-issuer
 namespace: cert-manager
   secretName: ca-key-pair

Here secretName is the secret which we created in step 1 ca-key-pair


Step 3: Now create a certificate name with cert.yaml to test the issuer -

kind: Certificate
  name: test-cert-by-kalyan
  secretName: k-key-pair
  - "*.default.svc.cluster.local"
  - ""
  isCA: true
    name: k-issuer
    kind: ClusterIssuer

Here the and issuerRef.kind is important.


If you want to use with your ingress then just write this in annotations - k-issuer

Thats all we need to do. for more information follow the link CA issuer Cert-Manager If you have any question or problem please comment. I'll reply. Thank you.

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