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    Avoid all mistakes on the trip

    Usually Experienced tourists give advice on what to do or see during the trip. But what do you know about what not to do on the trip? Usually, any tourist makes several mistakes on the trip. 


    You may have to spend extra money for those mistakes or you may be wasting time or you may have missed a trip to a beautiful place. But by avoiding those mistakes, you can travel smart at a very low cost. Let's take a look at the things that should be avoided while traveling. 


    Do not take food from main tourist places 

    Usually, the price of food at a tourist main place is higher than any other place. When the restaurants realize that tourists may not come here a second time, they do not think much about the quality of the food. The farther you go from the tourist main place to the local restaurant, you'll find better local food at a lower cost. 


    Take travel insurance 

    While this may seem like an extra expense, accidents can happen at any time. You should be highly prepared for that. Travel insurance will protect you in case of loss of your hobby camera, injury to limbs, etc. 


    Also, if you face these problems without insurance, it can cost much extra money. So it is wise to take out travel insurance. 


    Do not exchange money at the airport 

    When you travel to another country, you have to exchange money. But never do that from the airport. Usually, the exchange rate is the lowest at the airports. 


    Exchange money from ATM or credit card. If that is not possible, do it from the nearest bank. You can exchange money at a very good rate from ATM or bank. 


    Taxi service should take less 

    Usually, the taxi service is more everywhere. However, this service can be taken if the rent can be shared with two or three people. So it is better to take public services for travel. 


    Hostel accommodation 

    Most people think the hostel is a very dirty, smelly environment that is chosen by relatively indigent travelers. It used to be like this but now it has changed a lot. Many hostels are much cleaner than hotels. You will also find hostels with various facilities including pool games, TV, laundry. Hostels are a good option for low-cost backpack travelers. 


    Not booking hotels and flights much earlier 

    The earlier a trip is booked, the more likely it is that the cost will increase. Apparently, you are being offered a discount on a flight or hotel shortly before the start of the trip but you cannot accept it because you have booked in advance. So wait for the offer. Understand the situation and book a hotel or flight at different times. 


    Go to the local tourist office 

    Go to the tourist office of the place you are traveling to. There you will find maps, guides or a good idea of where to stay. Their job is to help tourists. So go there and learn about the relevant information and various offers. 


    Usually, most of these mistakes are made by tourists which is a waste of money and time. You must keep such mistakes in mind while traveling and avoid them properly.


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      Tips to book a low-cost hotel for travel

      On the trip, we are all more or less worried about the hotel. How will the hotel be or not! Also, because of the high cost of good hotels, many people have to stay in low-quality hotels at low cost. If the hotel is not available as you like, then the pleasure of travel seems to be reduced. So, let's know, about some ways to book a hotel at a low cost. 


      Book from hotel booking site: 

      Many times different hotel booking sites announce different offers or discounts. Through this offer, you can also find a low-cost hotel between two hotels with the same quality and facilities. You can consider those hotel ratings to understand good or bad hotels. 

      Most hotel booking sites have facilities to find low-cost hotels. So you can try to find low-cost hotels from hotel booking sites. Agoda,, Trivago are among the most popular hotel booking sites. 


      Contact the hotel website directly: 

      If you are thinking of staying in a globally branded hotel, you can contact the website of those hotels directly. Usually, those hotels publish their offers on their own site. If you book directly in these hotels, you will get several benefits later. 

      For example, you will get loyalty points which will give you various benefits including discounts later on. That is why it is better to book these hotels directly by yourself than by any other medium. 


      negotiate with price: 

      Bargaining can reduce room costs. You can reduce the hotel room rent by bargaining by phone or by going directly to the hotel. Also in the off-season, you can get a room at a much lower cost. 


      Loyalty Rewards Program: 

      Different brands or mobile phone operators give loyalty points to their customers at different times. By accumulating these loyalty points you can get quite a good discount. Brands can use this loyalty program as travel deals. This will greatly reduce your hotel expenses on travel. 


      Using a bank card: 

      Many times different banks offer quite good discounts to their credit card customers during hotel bill payments. In a very luxurious hotel, you can halve the cost by paying with a bank card. So find out about such offers and try to use the card in bill payment. 


      Trying to buy someone else's reservation: 

      Sometimes it happens many people reserve hotel rooms but can't go for their business or various activities and they even cannot cancel the reservation. In such cases, many of them try to leave the reserve room at a low cost. So you can look for such offers from different sites and hotels. Try to accept any such offer. Your hotel costs will come down considerably. 


      Good quality and comfortable hotels are quite necessary to fully enjoy the trip. So follow the tips above and enjoy the trip better by reducing your hotel expenses. 


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        Adventure trips in the jungle and some tips

        The forest is a very mysterious place. Since ancient times, the jungle has been inviting people with a mystery. Many tourists also like to travel in the forest. And adventurers spend several nights there to fully experience the jungle. 


        There is no substitute for jungle travel to spend some uninterrupted time with nature. However, the jungle is relatively little dangerous for various wild animals. Therefore, some precautions should be taken. Let's take a look at some tips for jungle travel. 


        Humid weather 

        You will feel a lot of sweat here as the humidity is high in the forest. So always carry and wear dry clothes. Fabrics that dry quickly must be given priority. It also rains when in the forest. Wear fitting clothes and long-closed trousers. You will get as much relief from mosquito bites as possible. 


        Hire a local guide 

        No matter how brave you are, never forget to hire a local guide. Any kind of danger can come or you can get lost. In those cases, you will be quite comfortable with a guide. 


        Keep quiet 

        Maintain as much silence as possible in the forest. This will protect your own safety. Do not disturb the wild animals by making unnecessary noises and do not bring danger. 


        Keep first aid, vaccine, and insecticide cream-lotion 

        Keep with first aid as well as various insecticide creams-lotions or sprays. This is very important in jungle travel. Also, keep with some necessary medications and vaccines. In this case, you can take the advice of a doctor. 


        Keep with caution device 

        You may be isolated from the group or guide. Finding in such a big forest is not an easy task. So as a precaution you can keep it with a flute or any instrument. As a result, you can easily signal wherever you are. 



        This is quite important in jungle travel. Your travel experience will depend a lot on what you take with you. There is no point in making a bag heavy with unnecessary things. Be sure to pack with essentials and enjoy your jungle trip. 



        Try to take light colors on your clothes, bags, and everything. Some colors can attract wild animals or harmful insects from a distance. So use everything in elegant and jungle-friendly color combinations. 



        Drink as much water as possible. Always keep with drinking water. Keep with dry food. Also, take safe food from the forest if you get the opportunity. 


        Torch and knife 

        Keep with the torch. Use a head torch if possible. This will make your trip to the forest easier. Also, keep a knife all the time. This will help you to avoid the bushes. You will also need a knife for various other needs. 


        You can enjoy your time in the forest while maintaining safety and alertness as much as possible. Jungle trips should never be missed. Traveling through this jungle is one of the best ways to see nature. So if you get a chance, you can come and travel in the forest. 

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          A land of modern architecture and absolute beauty

          The 22nd richest country in the world, which was an underdeveloped third world country 40-50 years ago. That chaotic country, which gained independence in 1975, is one of the great attractions of the world today. I was talking about Singapore, one of the richest countries in the world today. Behind the success of the country lies economic success with good governance. No, the country has no natural resources, but its tourism industry has repeatedly garnered praise as well as economic prosperity. 


          Singapore is a small island in Southeast Asia, a land of modern architecture and beauty. Clean roads, hassle-free travel, low-cost travel seem to have multiplied the tourist attraction several times over. It is better to take some time to visit one of the most luxurious countries in the world. 


          Merlion is the name of the park, which is more than 2,000 square meters at the mouth of the Singapore River. Merlion Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Singapore. Every day thousands of foreigners visit this park. 


          The marlin or lion-fish is a symbol of Singaporean pride, a symbol of heroism. It is said that long ago when Singapore was known as Temasek or the seaside city, a severe sea storm arose on the island. The terrified inhabitants surrender themselves to God. At that moment, a lion-fish-like beast came from the sea and fought the storm and saved the inhabitants. 


          And since then, the lion-fish named Marlin has been a symbol of pride and heroism of Singaporeans. The symbol of modern Singapore is the Marlion, a combination of a fish or a mermaid and a lion. The statue is about 9 meters high and weighs about 60 tons. 


          The appearance of this Merlion is basically a huge water fountain. Marilyn Park on one side of the Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and Shopping Center on the other side. This is a huge incident. If you don't see, it is difficult to explain. But before the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was built, tourists would take pictures in front of the fountain in Merlion Park to preserve their memories of Singapore. 


          The statue of Marilyn is located in Merlion Park, Marina Bay. The lion-fish is constantly coming out of its mouth with water. And thousands of people gather there every day to take pictures. The huge area is cut off from one side of the park to the other. The various architectures around the park will dazzle your eyes again and again. 


          Wonderful view all around. The road leads straight to a bunch of very tall buildings. To our right is the nearly 100-year-old giant building, the Hotel Fullerton Bay. In the midst of modernity, it is like a touch of tradition. However, it is not incongruous at all. And to the left is the huge Marina Bay Bay. Surrounded by gems, the monuments named after Singapore are scattered. 


          The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, attached to the top of three 60-story buildings with a ship-shaped roof, made its presence felt as if it were a diamond in the rough. Along with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Singapore Flyer was in full swing. 


          Numerous large buildings of 5-star hotels were scattered along one side of the bay. These things were all around me as I watched the fountain in Merlion Park. It was also fun to see tourists traveling in various small and big boats across the bay. It is also worthwhile to take pictures of the tourists behind the fountain. 


          When you come here, your eyes are fixed on a 54-story building. It's a museum. The shape of that thought is very beautiful. Seen from a distance, it seems that a large boat has been placed at the head of the building. Many people do not dare to go there as they have to pay USD 150 to get there. 


          What to do in Marilyn Park 


          1. Take pictures in Marilyn 

          The place may be very crowded during the day but you can still take great pictures. But at night, do not miss the beauty of the magical environment of the city in any way. Don't forget to frame some beautiful views of Marilyn and the city 


          2. Retire to the park 

          The night is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of Marilyn Park. The cool breeze and romantic atmosphere along the river will increase the success of the trip to Singapore several times. 


          3. Watch the light and water show at Marina Bay 

          Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the water show every night at Marina Sands Bay. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. So always keep your camera ready with several mesmerizing light show videos. 


          How to get to Marilyn Park 

          After you reach Changi, go to Raffles Place Station on the MRT East-West line. From there exit B and visit United Foreign Bank Plaza. The Fullerton Hotel is located in the middle of the plaza. And Marilyn is behind it. 

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            One day in Baraitali of unearthly beauty behind all the popular fountains

            Many people visit Cox's Bazar or Bandarban in Bangladesh. These two spots are very popular with the tourists of the country. But there are many places around Cox's Bazar or Bandarban that are not very familiar to us. But in front of the beauty of these places, there is no ordinary tourist spot. 


            Today we will know about Khaiyachara, Napittachara, Damtua with lesser-known waterfalls than these famous waterfalls. This spring is located at Naikhyangchhari on the border of Cox's Bazar and Bandarban. You have to cross about 10 kilometers of road to get back from this waterfall. Our writing today is about this fountain. 


            If you want to go from Cox's Bazar, you can rent CNG or jeep and come to Naikhyangchhari. It takes about an hour to get here. Marine Drive or Ramu can come from any direction. It is easy to come here from Bandarban through Cox's Bazar. These two districts are separated by a small bridge. After crossing this bridge, the trail will start. 


            In the dry season, the CNG can go quite a bit inside but in the rainy season, you have to start walking from the main road. There is a shop on the side of the road and a Buddhist shrine. You can leave your belongings here. You can also change clothes here. You can buy bamboo for walking from here. Be sure to take dry food and water with you, otherwise, it will be very difficult to go so far. 


            First, go down a little bit then the straight road will continue to go up slowly. In this way, if you walk quite a bit, you will see Jhiri Path. If you want, you can take a tourist guide from here. 


            However, as Myanmar is very close to here, drug smugglers often use this road, so be careful. The phone network is not available once you go inside, so you can let someone know in advance because the danger does not come by announcing. 


            You can also walk along Jhiripath and you can walk along the dirt road. After a while, you will find a road quite bad. Excluding this road, you can take a detour through Jhiripath. Then the road straight for quite some time. 


            After a while, the rocky road will start. Rough, dry rocks have to be walked carefully. Otherwise, there is a possibility of slipping on wet feet or if you fall, there may be big injuries. In some places of Jhiripath, the flow of water is quite strong. Carefully cross these places. 


            It will take about one and a half to two hours to go. The closer you get to the main fountain, the bigger the waterfall will be. The combination of mountains and dense vegetation creates a dazzling beauty. There will be 3 small showers before the main shower. The space near the main fountain is quite small. It is not possible to stand more than 4-5 people at a time and the water pressure is also high. The water falling from above comes down with great speed. As such, the water pressure in the lower springs is less but the space is quite large. 


            The main waterfall comes down from a high hill. Reaching the main fountain from the fountains below is a bit of a difficult task. But the cool water of the shower forgets all the troubles. Many brave trekkers want to climb the main waterfall hill but it is a very risky job. It is better not to take this risk unless you need to. 


            It will take one and a half to two hours to return after seeing the fountain. However, it is less difficult to go on the way. Be sure to take care so that you can come back while the lights are on. When the light goes out, you will be in danger in this unknown place. 


            Baraitali is the ideal place for those who love adventure. A place to visit in one day. If you go to Cox's Bazar, you can increase your time by one day and come back here. When you go out in the morning, you can take a walk around Marine Drive on the way back. 

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              Crossing the border, let's go to Gili Island of Indonesia

              We are always busy and this busy life of ours is always running. Nothing stops despite fatigue or exhaustion. Sometimes you will realize that you want to get rid of the worn-out time for some time. Willingness to enjoy myself or find me. Traveling in a fresh and vibrant environment can give you this freedom.


              A perfect journey will make you fresher and more vibrant. Gili Island in Indonesia is a place that is alive with the beauty of the natural environment. For a delightful trip and a fresh experience full of fascination, you need to visit Gili Island, Indonesia. It is a place in the world where there is nothing motorized, with no traffic noise. All in all, a great enjoyable tourist destination. 


              Gili Island is basically a combination of three islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air which are located in the northwest of Indonesia. Jelly Island covers an area of about 15 square kilometers. Temperatures here range from 6 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees.


              Gili island looks like a drawing image. It is a great island for tourists. There are numerous bar shops and restaurants lined up on the beach. These venues are illuminated the night with a variety of DJ parties and live mind-blowing band songs. 


              The bars here serve extreme cocktails and often play with fire. The dancers show off their mesmerizing fire skills. The level of excitement of the general audience increases in many ways. 


              You can easily navigate the crystal-clear waters on Gili Island. It is one of the most famous landing places in the world for diving in the water. In this case, there are skilled workers to help tourists. Skilled workers are internationally recognized. The overall biodiversity of the deep country is like being overwhelmed while immersed in crystal clear water. It would seem that the creation of a perfect craftsman under the sea is another world. There are about 19 places to visit on Gili Island. Some of the popular places are SAARC Point, Manta Point, Bayonti Wreck. 


              If you want to see the view from the bottom of the sea very easily, you can put a kind of object like a tube in your mouth and it is very important to wear special clothes like a fish. If you do not have your own clothing, you can rent from local stores.


              The waters of Gili Island are shallow in most places. Sea turtles can also travel with you as a bonus to see certain seasons. When you walk around the bottom of the ocean it feels like exploring a lot more in the blue water. This exploration never ends there.


              It is especially exciting to enjoy the playground of Gili Surfing. Surfing scenes show a variety of water activities. Looking at this technique on the coral wall, it can be seen how easily people are managing this. You can also take part if you want. If you do not have your own surfing board, you can rent one.


              Not only that, Jelly Island has some of the most interesting underwater human statues. Seeing this it seems that people lived here long ago. Although it has been created in special archeology.


              Tourists spend more time on Trawangan Gili Island than any other Gili Island. There is a mysterious hill here. You will be able to discover many unusual things while climbing the mountain. The first thing you see is a mysterious house adjacent to a Muslim cemetery. You will then stumble upon a bunker in Japan that was destroyed in World War II. You will see that the destruction of the war was all over the world, not to mention the island of Gili.


              After climbing to the top at the very end, your own tired body will be filled with joy in an instant. You can see the whole island from the top of the hill. The surrounding water, the beach, the border of the glorious Rinjani hills all combine to create an infinite beauty. And the time of sunset and sunrise is called the best time.


              You can ride a horse for a trip or you can ride a special horse-drawn carriage called Sidomo in the local language. These are found all over the island. Two to four passengers can get up. You can also cycle around.


              Why just go around, you can also learn to cook local food on holidays. On Trawangan Island, various classes are taken on cooking. Classes are held on a variety of salty foods ranging from confectionery which is very popular.


              There are also special spa arrangements. All the fatigue of the body is instantly removed with the traditional message and the necessary oily element. There is no shortage of spar pairs here to make yourself fresh and lively. 


              How to get there: 


              First, you have to go to Lombok. Then you have to go to Senjiji by bus. After reaching there, you have to take a taxi to Bansal. After going to Bansal, you have to go to Gili Island by public boat. 


              Meals and accommodation: 


              There are numerous hotels around Gili Island to stay. The cost of food here is very low. Delicious food is available for only 1 to 7 USD 



              • Wear good clothing for diving.
              • Try to take a five to seven-day plan.
              • Even if you don't like it, try to wear loose clothing according to the weather.



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                ঝরা পাতা গো, আমি তোমারি দলে

                কবি গুরু রবীন্দ্র নাথ ঠাকুর বলেছিলেন …… ঝরা পাতা গো, আমি তোমারি দলে। অনেক হাসি অনেক অশ্রুজলে……ফাগুন দিল বিদায়মন্ত্র আমার হিয়াতলে॥ ঠিক তাই মনে হলো সিলেটে টিলা গড় ইকো পার্ক এ ঘুরতে এসে। প্রকৃতির সৌন্দর্য পিপাসু পর্যটকরা নিজের শরীরে একটু প্রশান্তি আনতে ঘুরে বেড়ান এক প্রান্ত থেকে অন্য প্রান্তে। সেই মানুষদের জন্যই অপেক্ষা করে আছে টিলাগড় ইকো পার্ক। পার্ক এ ঢুঁকেই পেলাম সুনশান নির্জনতা, দূরে কোথাও অপরিচিত পাখির ডাক, গহীন বনে দীর্ঘ শালগাছের মগ ডালে দুষ্টু কাঠঠোকরা পাখিটি তার লম্বা চঞ্চু দিয়ে গাছের ডালে অবিরাম আঘাত করে চলছে। হঠাৎ আগমন টের পেয়ে পাখিটি পালকের ঝাপটায় নীরবতা ভেঙ্গে দিয়ে হারিয়ে গেল টিলাগড় ইকো-পার্কের গহীনে। আর ঝরা পাতা গুলো আপনার রাস্তাকে সাজিয়ে রেখেছে তার বেদনায়। বনবিড়াল আর ঘুঘু সতর্ক পা ফেলে নিরাপদ দূরত্বে এদিক-সেদিক করছিল। মাতাল করা বাতাসের হিল্লোলে বৃক্ষরাজির সবুজ পাতা আনন্দে যখন তখন নেচে ওঠে। একই অবস্থা এখানকার নানা প্রজাতির জীবজন্তু ও সরীসৃপ প্রাণীগুলোরও। দেখা মিললো টিলাতে ওঠার জন্য সিঁড়ি, গুনে গুনে প্রায় শতাধিক সিঁড়ি আছে পথি মধ্যে বনফুল আপনাকে স্বাগত জানাবে। কথা হচ্ছিল জাকির ভাই এর সাথে তিনিই বললেন ইকো পার্কে ঢুকলেই প্রথমেই যে প্রাণীটির দেখা মিলবে সেটি হচ্ছে বিরল প্রজাতির বানর। তবে সবচেয়ে বেশী বানরের দেখা মিলে দুপুর ১২ টার দিকে। মাঝে মধ্যেই দেখা মিলতে পারে চিতা বাঘ, গন্ধগকুল, বনমোরগসহ বিরল প্রজাতির অনেক প্রাণী। বন বিভাগের হিসাব অনুযায়ী এখানে প্রায় ১৫০ প্রজাতির প্রাণী রয়েছে। ধোরা, বোড়া, আলোদ, অজগরসহ প্রায় ৩০ প্রজাতির সাপ রয়েছে। সেগুন, শাল, গর্জন, চাপালিশ, একাশিয়া সহ প্রায় ২০/ ২৫ প্রজাতির বৃক্ষ রয়েছে। বনের অর্ধেক অংশেই সবচেয়ে বেশি বেত গাছ। তবে পার্কটি বৃক্ষ প্রেমিক আর দর্শনার্থীদের প্রিয় স্থান। শত ব্যস্ততার মধ্যে দু‘দণ্ড শান্তির জন্য নির্জন প্রকৃতির কোলে কিছু সময়ের জন্য হারিয়ে যেতে পারলে মন্দ হয় না। সিলেটে মাজার জিয়ারত করতে যারা আসেন তাদের জন্য খুব কাছের দূরত্ব। সিলেটে এমসি কলেজ, ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং কলেজ, কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় এলাকা পাড়ি দিয়ে বন, পাহাড়, টিলাঘেরা স্থানে টিলাগড় ইকো-পার্ক প্রতিষ্ঠা করা হয়। নগরীর উত্তর-পূর্ব কোণে শহর থেকে মাত্র ৮ কিলোমিটার দূরে এর অবস্থান। ১১২ একর বন নিয়ে টিলাগড় এলাকায় দেশের তৃতীয় ইকোপার্কটি স্থাপিত হলে এর নামকরণ করা হয় ‘টিলাগড় ইকোপার্ক । বৃক্ষ প্রেমিদের জন্য প্রকৃতির একদম কাছে যাওয়ার অন্যতম দৃষ্টি নন্দন ইকো পার্ক। টিলাগড় ইকো পার্কটি কয়েকটি ছোট ছোট টিলা নিয়ে গড়ে তোলা হয়েছে। এটি সিলেট বনবিভাগ, বন অধিদপ্তর, পরিবেশ ও বন মন্ত্রণালয়ের ইকো পার্ক প্রকল্প। এখানে রয়েছে একটি শিশু পার্ক, দর্শনার্থীদের জন্য বেশ কয়েকটি বসার স্থান। শত ব্যস্ততার মধ্যে দু‘দণ্ড শান্তির জন্য নির্জন প্রকৃতির কোলে কিছু সময়ের জন্য হারিয়ে যেতে পারলে মন্দ হয় না। সিলেটে মাজার জিয়ারত করতে যারা আসেন তাদের জন্য খুব কাছের দূরত্ব। সিলেটে এমসি কলেজ, ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং কলেজ, কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় এলাকা পাড়ি দিয়ে বন, পাহাড়, টিলাঘেরা স্থানে টিলাগড় ইকো-পার্ক প্রতিষ্ঠা করা হয়। নগরীর উত্তর-পূর্ব কোণে শহর থেকে মাত্র ৮ কিলোমিটার দূরে এর অবস্থান। ১১২ একর বন নিয়ে টিলাগড় এলাকায় দেশের তৃতীয় ইকোপার্কটি স্থাপিত হলে এর নামকরণ করা হয় ‘টিলাগড় ইকোপার্ক । বৃক্ষ প্রেমিদের জন্য প্রকৃতির একদম কাছে যাওয়ার অন্যতম দৃষ্টি নন্দন ইকো পার্ক। টিলাগড় ইকো পার্কটি কয়েকটি ছোট ছোট টিলা নিয়ে গড়ে তোলা হয়েছে। এটি সিলেট বনবিভাগ, বন অধিদপ্তর, পরিবেশ ও বন মন্ত্রণালয়ের ইকো পার্ক প্রকল্প। এখানে রয়েছে একটি শিশু পার্ক, দর্শনার্থীদের জন্য বেশ কয়েকটি বসার স্থান। পথের ঠিকানা: ঢাকা থেকে ট্রেন/বাস যোগে সিলেট ভাড়া ৪০০ টাকা থেকে ১২০০ টাকা। ষ্টেশন থেকে সরাসরি যেতে পারবেন অথবা সিলেট শহরের বন্দর বাজার থেকে টিলা গড় ইকো পার্ক এ যেতে সময় লাগবে ৩০ মিনিটের মত। সি এন জি অথবা মাইক্রোবাস ভাড়া করলে নেবে ৫০০ থেকে ১৫০০ টাকা। চাইলে রিক্সা করে ও যেতে পারবেন সময় লাগবে বেশি তবে প্রাকৃতিক দৃশ্য অবলোকন করতে হলে রিক্সা করে গেলে মন্দ হয় না। লেখা ও ছবি: সুমন্ত গুপ্ত
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                  ঋজুক ঝর্ণা

                  বান্দরবান জেলা সদর থেকে ৬৬ কিলোমিটার এবং রুমা বাজার থেকে ৫ কিলোমিটার দূরে সাঙ্গু নদীর পাড়ে ঋজুক ঝর্ণা (Rijuk Waterfall) অবস্থিত। নদীপথে রুমা বাজার থেকে থানছি যাওয়ার সময় এই চির তরুণ ঋজুক ঝর্ণার দর্শন মিলে। মার্মা ভাষায় এই ঝর্ণার নাম রী স্বং স্বং। প্রায় ৩০০ ফুট উচু পাহাড় হতে সারা বছর জলধারা বয়ে চলে। আর বর্ষায় স্রোতের তোড় এত বৃদ্ধি পায় যে তখন জলপ্রপাতের কাছে ঘেঁষতে বড় ইঞ্জিনের নৌকা নিয়েও রীতিমত হিমশিম খেতে হয়। বছরজুড়ে বহমান জলের ধারা আর চারপাশের আদিম বুনো সবুজের সৌন্দর্য ঋজুক ঝর্ণাকে দিয়েছে প্রকৃতির এক অপার্থিব নির্মলতা। শুধুমাত্র ঋজুক নয়, সৌন্দর্যের বেলায় সাঙ্গুও কম যায় না। বর্ষাকাল ছাড়া বছরের অন্য সময় সাঙ্গু নদীতে পানি কম থাকে। পরিস্কার টলটলে পানির নিচে বালি ও ছোট ছোট নুড়িপাথরের রাজত্ব পরিষ্কার দেখা যায়। সাঙ্গুর বাকে বাকে কোথাও কোথাও পাহাড় ভেদ করে বেড়িয়ে আসে ফসলের জমি। ঋজুকের বিপরীত পাশে মারমাদের একটা পাড়া রয়েছে। এই পাড়ার নাম নতুন ঋজুকপাড়া। আবার পাহাড়ের উপর বমদের পাড়াড় নাম ঋজুকপাড়া। হাতে সময় থাকলে ঋজুক ঝর্ণা দেখে আদিবাসী জীবনধারার সাথে পরিচিত হতে পারেন। মারমারা আতিথেয়তা ও আন্তরিকতায় একেবারে তুলনাহীন। কিভাবে যাবেন ঋজুক ঝর্ণা দেখতে চাইলে আপনাকে অবশ্যই প্রথমে বান্দরবান শহর আসতে হবে। রাজধানী ঢাকার বিভিন্ন স্থান থেকে শ্যামলি, হানিফ, ইউনিক, এস আলম, ডলফিন ইত্যাদি বেশকিছু পরিবহনের বাসে বান্দরবান যেতে পারবেন। ঢাকা থেকে বাসে বান্দরবান যেতে সময় লাগে ৮-১০ ঘন্টা। বান্দরবান শহর পৌঁছে লোকাল বাস, জীপ/চাঁন্দের গাড়িতে চড়ে চলে যান রুমা বাজার। রুমা বাজার থেকে পায়ে হেটে ট্রাকিং করে কিংবা ইঞ্জিন চালিত নৌকা ভাড়া নিয়ে ঋজুক ঝর্ণা দেখতে যেতে পারবেন। কোথায় থাকবেন রুমা বাজারে হোটেল হিলটনে রাত্রিযাপন করতে পারেন। আর বান্দরবান শহরে হলিডে ইন রিসোর্ট, হোটেল ফোর স্টার, হিলসাইড রিসোর্ট, হোটেল রিভার ভিউ, হোটেল থ্রি স্টার ইত্যাদি আবাসিক হোটেল রয়েছে। ঋজুক ঝর্ণা ভ্রমণ পরামর্শ হাফ প্যান্ট, স্যান্ডেল/ট্রাকিং সু, ক্যাপ গামছা, রেইন কোট, ফাস্ট এইড ইত্যাদি সাথে পরিবহন করুন। রুমা বাজার থেকে নিবন্ধিত গাইড নিন। আর গাইডের সাথে আগে থেকেই খরচের বেপারে সবকিছু আলোচনা করে নিন
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